Our Quality Commitments

By obtaining the Camping Qualité and Qualité Tourisme labels in 2015 and the Vignobles et Découverte label in 2019, we commit ourselves to the following points

accueil qualite camping du vieux chateau rauzan An incomparable welcome

From your first contact for your stay until your arrival, we strive to give you clear, precise and complete information. We are available on the phone all year round to help you prepare your holiday and each of our emails clearly indicates the details of our services.

A few weeks before your arrival, and then the week before, we send you a link to our Digital Welcome Booklet which will allow you to find out about all the services, times and activities around our campsite. This welcome booklet will also be a precious help to you to prepare your outings and to know our good advices.

On your arrival, whether you are coming for a 2-week stay in a chalet or whether you are passing through for a night in a tent, we will give you a personalised welcome and will go through with you a complete presentation of our campsite on a digital tablet.

information qualite camping du vieux chateau rauzan Precise information and good advice

At Camping Du Vieux Château, your satisfaction is our driving force. Therefore, we are committed to informing you precisely about everything you can expect from us. No more, no less. Ask us for a service or information, if we can do it, it will be a pleasure! What we do love is to give you the right advice and orientation, to show you our region, to let you enjoy the services of our village, to suggest you the nice winegrower, the right schedule for the right market and the ideal hike.

Our Eco-responsible Commitments

We have always been sensitive and attentive to the preservation of what surrounds us, and even more so since we joined the La Via Natura campsites association.

pictogramme produit chimique camping du vieux chateau rauzan ecoresponsable Limiting chemicals

Apart from areas where certain regulatory products remain indispensable or mandatory, we have been working for several years to limit the use of chemical products. Thus, white vinegar and bicarbonate are our best allies for the de-wintering of our accommodations and daily maintenance and our laundry is mainly carried out with a mixture of Marseille soap and bicarbonate and sodium crystals. Also, for a more pleasant bathing experience, the chlorine level in the pools is checked twice a day to stay within the low limit recommended by the health services.

pictogramme consommation eau ecoresponsable camping du vieux chateau rauzan Limitation of water consumption

All our rental accommodations are equipped with water flow reducers. The same goes for our completely renovated sanitary facilities with showers and aerators allowing a strong reduction in water consumption. This has even had the direct effect of reducing our gas consumption for water heating by 25%. Every month, a check of the water meters allows us to establish statistics of usage per night.
The toilets in our new washrooms are entirely supplied by a rainwater reserve. The water is also thermodynamically heated.

consommation électrique ecoresponsable camping du vieux chateau rauzan Electrical consumption control

All of our lighting is led-based in common areas and rental accommodations, as well as walkways lighting which is automatically controlled to dim at night.

compostage tri recyclage ecoresponsable camping du vieux chateau rauzan Sorting, composting and "sharing shelf"

Sorting has always been a habit at Camping du Vieux Chateau, sorting instructions are of course reminded at all levels. To this end, each of our rental accommodations are equipped with a sorting bag and a bio-bucket to take your organic waste to the pedagogical compost bin located close from the sanitary block. For campers who do not have one, bio-buckets can also be borrowed at the reception desk.

A "Sharing Shelf" is available at the reception. This allows you to leave any non-perishable products that you no longer need. This way, the next customer will be delighted to be able to take advantage of any leftover washing up liquid, salt or tent poles that he has forgotten and that you have left in this piece of furniture "for his attention".

suppression plastiques usage unique ecoresponsable camping du vieux chateau rauzan Limitation of single-use products, especially plastics

No more metal coffee pods, no more plastic straws and glasses, no more disposable sheet kits, no more welcome kits with sponges and single-use flasks, without sacrificing your comfort. So it is now possible to rent cotton sheets and our cleaning kits are made up of refillable bottles and washable sponges.

respect nature oiseau arbre ecoresponsable camping du vieux chateau rauzan Respect for Nature

Camping du Vieux Chateau is a member of the L.P.O. (french Birdlihe International assocation). As such and for many other reasons we have a deep respect for the nature that surrounds us. We limit the pruning and felling of our plants in order to maintain a habitat for the local fauna. From the Eurasian Golden Oriole, to the Midwife Toad, through the Eurasian Hoopoe or the Red Squirrel, you will be amazed by the visible biodiversity of the campsite.

respect calme silence ecoresponsable camping du vieux chateau rauzan Respect for quietness

Respecting "what surrounds us" also means respecting our clients and our neighbourhood. This is why our festive evenings now end at 10pm at the latest and why we have a complete silence respected at 11pm. We like to guarantee that you will leave more relaxed than you arrived.